Rainbow piano

March 3rd 2021 – Rainbow Piano


rainbow piano transformation after

A super duper special project to show you today!

A vintage piano makeover to bring some joy to our friends at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, St Ives.  We love to do a few pro bono jobs, and this one has been a pure delight!

This look can be achieved with your trusty ruler and protractor set, lots and lots of good quality painters tape, a selection of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colours, and plenty of patience!

The trick here is to let each stripe dry completely before taping the next line.  Once you start you’ll be taping and re-taping, taping and re-taping, so you don’t want to accidentally pull off the semi-wet paint.   It also pays to be meticulous in your measuring, if you’re after this precision, one wonky line can ruin the look.

The whole thing has been finished with matte lacquer for maximum durability.


Paint used:  All Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® colours

shed eleven profile

Welcome to shed eleven

We’re a creative collaboration between sisters-in-law Jemma Wlasichuk and Fanny Clarsen.

shed eleven transforms and up-cycles furniture that would otherwise be overlooked or destined for landfill.

Our business educates and encourages you to do this yourself via our workshops, selling the eco-friendly Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and spreading the message on furniture repurposing and upcycling.

From our workshop on Sydney’s upper north shore, we’ve restored hundreds of pieces during our two years in business. Our artistic and technical skills led to us being invited to be the Annie Sloan Painters in Residence in 2018. 

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