Japanese Wave meatsafe


March 23rd 2021- Japanese Wave meatsafe

We’ve turned this unwanted meatsafe freebie into something a bit special today!

Using some Annie Sloan Athenian Black, Gold Leaf and detailed hand painting, we’ve given it a Japanese look to compliment the crane mural we painted a while ago. 

Gold Leaf is surprisingly easy to use!  You’ll need some gold size to make it adhere, gold leaf, and a couple of clean paint brushes. 

Simply paint your gold size onto the area you want, let it sit for a while to get tacky (around 20 minutes), apply your gold leaf and gently brush off any excess with a soft paintbrush!

Our tip is to use cotton gloves when handling the leaf, it will make things much easier for you.  And don’t do it outside when there is a breeze, we’re still finding it floating around the garden from our last project!

On this piece, we’ve left the whole thing unsealed as we love the contrast of the deep matte black with the sheen of the gold.  The gold will tarnish over time however, so we will also often seal it with clear wax to keep its colour. 

shed eleven profile

Welcome to shed eleven

We’re a creative collaboration between sisters-in-law Jemma Wlasichuk and Fanny Clarsen.

shed eleven transforms and up-cycles furniture that would otherwise be overlooked or destined for landfill.

Our business educates and encourages you to do this yourself via our workshops, selling the eco-friendly Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and spreading the message on furniture repurposing and upcycling.

From our workshop on Sydney’s upper north shore, we’ve restored hundreds of pieces during our two years in business. Our artistic and technical skills led to us being invited to be the Annie Sloan Painters in Residence in 2018. 

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