How to create Batik Leopard Print

Learn how to create a Leopard Print using the Batik technique.

This technique was inspired by Jemma’s Dutch East Indies heritage and the stunning batik textiles she was surrounded by growing up.

We gave it a bit of a modern edge by creating a non-traditional leopard print pattern.

You’ll need three different Chalk Paint colours, a candle, hairdryer and something with a hard edge (we used an old credit card).

It takes a bit of lateral thinking, as you’re kind of working backwards, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a really fun technique!


 First step is to paint your base colour (we chose Graphite). Then paint melted wax onto the areas you eventually want to remain in that colour.


 Next paint your second colour (We used Arles).  Repeating the process of painting melted wax over the areas that you wish to keep as Arles.


Paint your final coat of Chalk Paint (here we’ve used Scandianvain Pink).


Now for the fun (and very messy!) part.   Using your hairdryer, carefully heat the waxed areas until the wax softens and can be scraped away with your credit card.  The underlying layers of paint will be revealed in your chosen design.



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